Best Android Homescreen Customization For 2018 (Nova Launcher + Zooper Widget)

Android Homescreen Customization 2018

Android is the most popular operating system over the mobile platform today. It has lots of features and specifications. One of the most amazing feature of android is its ability to customize the device. So today we will discuss on Homescreen Customization. Lets roll over it.

What is Android Homescreen?

Android Homescreen is the first page of the Android interface probably called the Homepage of the Android. It is contained inside the Android Launcher of any device. No matter whether the launcher is stock or other 3rd party launcher like Go Launcher, Solo Launcher, etc.

How to customize the best Homescreen on Android?

To design and customize the android homescreen like my device please follow the video and the steps with instructions given below:

1. Simplified Homescreen

Simplified Homescreen is one of my favourite homescreen setup for Android devices. In this setup we have a beautiful wallpaper along with a cross diagonal widget with icons and time to show on. To setup this Homescreen as yours please follow the given instructions below.


  • Nova Launcher Prime : click here
  • Zooper Widgets Pro : click here
  • Quantum Dots Icon Pack : click here
  • Simplified Setup Backup : click here

How to setup this Homescreen?

  • Download and install all the recommended app above.
  • Open the downloaded folder and extract the Zip file.
  • Now open the Nova Launcher prime app and click on Backup & Import settings.
  • Now click on Restore option.
  • Now click on Browse option and browse for your folder.
  • Now select the folder in which you had extracted the downloaded zip file. (In this case my downloaded directory is “Data” so i selected my Data folder.)
  • Now select the “.Novabackup” file and your Nova homescreen will be restored.
  •  Now long press on your homescreen and click on it.
  • Now add the new widget on your homescreen.
  • Now click the new widget you’ve just added and select “SD Card“.
  • Now click on the Image you see like given on the post wallpaper.
  • Thats it…! Now your Homescreen is set and ready to impress your friends.

Watch this Video carefully:


2. Matte Bateman Minimal Homescreen

Matte Batman Minimal homescreen is also one of my favourite homescreen setup. It has a uniwue design user interface. This homescreen setup includes a beautiful Batman wallpaper along with the zooper widgets that gives a cool stylish finish when restored perfectly.


  • Nova Launcher Prime : click here
  • Zooper Widgets Pro : click here
  • Batman Setup Backup : click here

How to setup this Homescreen?

To set this homescreen on your android device follow the instructions given in the Simplified Homescreen setup section. (method is same)

Watch this Video carefully:

Final Words

This was the article on Best Android Homescreen Customization For 2018 (Nova Launcher + Zooper Widget). I hope you’ll like this article. If you need any extra help completing this guide, then you should tell me in comments. If installation fails, then the only thing that you need to do is to try and repeat the whole tutorial more than once.

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